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A custom cake can bring so much magic to any celebration! I’ll work with you to create a delicious piece of art that suits your theme, personality and of course, budget. I absolutely love celebrating any occasion and am obsessed with the little details that truly make someone feel special.



Cake not your thing? That's cool, I also make carefully crafted dessert bars and pastries! Perfect portioned to share, or treat yourself to a box! No judgement here. 



Why not have the best of both worlds?! Party planning can be stressful, so leave the sweet treats up to me! 



It all started when

I was 6 years old and desperately wanted an Easy Bake Oven!  So much so, I saved pennies for months… eventually, I had enough to buy my dream and here we are.

I’m a self-taught baker who has spent many, many days in the kitchen (especially around Christmas!) perfecting recipes and techniques. I guess I could say my annual holiday baking extravaganza is really what started it all… gifting my family and friends with cookies, treats and the like.

I’ve been questioned countless times why I don’t own a bakery. I do in fact own a bakery, and it’s made of LEGO. I’m still a 6 year old girl at heart, I love all things Disney, melt when I meet kittens and wake up at 6am Christmas morning (after sleeping all of 3 hours, of course… The anticipation kills me)!

I seriously began pursuing baking nearly 4 years ago when I launched a blog called Girl Bakes World. This is where I pursued a one-way ticket around the globe from the comfort of my kitchen!  While I loved trying a new recipe every week, I felt restricted in really letting my imagination run wild. And to me, baking has always been my creative outlet. So, I put the blog on hold and began making cakes for commission almost 2 years ago… and oh, my! What a whirlwind! I am now lucky enough to bake to my heart's content full-time!

Baking whimsical cakes and desserts is not only a creative outlet for me... I absolutely love being able to celebrate milestones - big or small - birthdays or overcoming challenges. Everyone deserves to celebrate any day of their life ...and every celebration deserves a kick ass cake!


Looking for the perfect, customized showstopper of a dessert? Get it touch! I look forward to collaborating with you for your next celebration!

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